Summary of Potential Ideas

Nightclub Rebrand
This was my first idea and it was to rebrand a local nightclub such as Tup Tup Palace. When carrying out initial research for this idea I found myself really interested in the subject matter and theme. However, there were both pros and cons to this potential idea which is why in my sketchbook, I made a ‘summary’ on the idea. A strong point to this idea is that when I began carrying out the research I began to visualise how my project could turn out/look, especially after looking at Miguel Leal. This project would be good for me too as I am interested in branding, which is something I also have experience in from previous projects. However, a potential concern could be that this project could be too big due to all the branding elements such as the brand identity, as well as poster and ticket designs etc. Although, I could pick and choose certain elements to lessen the amount of work to produce. Another potential concern is that I might struggle to create something original.

Awareness Campaign
This was my second idea and it was to come up with an awareness campaign for a topic which I felt needed an awareness campaign. After searching both existing awareness campaigns as well as topic research such as smoking and mental health, I am still not much clearer on which area I could potentially base my campaign on. A potential issue I thought of when doing my research was that some areas and topics could be a bit too deep and serious, which might limit my design work. And again, I felt that It could be difficult to create something original as I loved all the campaigns I had already looked at. However, I feel that this could be a good project for me as I love designing and creating posters and this would be the main body of work for this idea. I also feel that this brief would give me a huge opportunity to work with typography which is something I am also very interested in.

Juice Bar Brand
This was my third and final idea and it was to come up with my own original Juice Bar brand. After carrying out initial primary and secondary research I really began to get into the project. The main reason I think I am so interested in this project is because I love the idea of doing packaging design because I feel it gives my work a real purpose. I also quite like the room for potential illustration which is something I have been pushing myself to do and building my confidence with. However, I am concerned that it might be difficult again to create something original as most juice bars I have researched have used the typical fruit and veg imagery for their brand identity which I think might be something which is difficult to avoid.