Research Critique

After the 2 weeks of research we were put into pairs and each pair assessed each others research work and made comments and possible areas of improvements.

Sam graded me a merit which i was pleased with as this is my target grade. His reasons for this grade was that i had a substantial amount of research with supporting responses and potential ideas which he thought was really good.

He then made 4 suggestions:
1. To complete annotating all my research
2. Gather further research which i was intending on collecting over the following weekend which was to visit the Naked Deli and The Corner in Jesmond.
3.He also suggested that i tried looking into some more brand specific research such as more packaging designs.
4. Finally, he said that i could try gathering more stylised and higher end research from places such as Fenwicks as opposed to cheaper super market brands.

He also commented on how he felt my work was successful in terms on amount of content however, i still needed to carry out substantial further research to gather a better understanding of the theme of my project.


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