Printing Problem

When i went to print out my development work, i discovered that the information on the back of my labels wasn’t showing up at all and if it did it was very wait and very hard to read. This could have been one of many problems. Firstly, it could be the printer that hast picked up the font. the easiest way to test this was to try printing in on a different printer such as the black and white one. This was very useful as although the visibility was improved, it was still very faint and hard to see, suggesting that it was a problem with the font type. The font i used was Roboto thin however this was clearly proving to be too thin or too small in size. However, i did not want to change the font as it was the same font which i used for my logo so i tried increasing the size. I also re downloaded the font from which i luckily found that i could download the font in a thicker version which was Roboto Light. Fortunately it worked perfectly and when i printed my designs again, i could see the font on the back clearly. This was a big relief as if i had to change the font style all together, it would have made my designs that little more inconsistent.


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