Further Research

At this point in my project i was beginning to complete my packaging designs for my super food range, however i was struggling to find a starting point in terms of layout which is why i decided to carry out some further research. I looked on pinterest for take away food packaging designs and this really helped me figure out how my packaging would work in real life. I wasn’t looking for style inspiration necessarily as i had already roughly related my brand image, however the research helped me layout my deigns and ideas more effectively.

I was then creating a poster design for my other form of media and again, i used further research using pinterest to help with my designs and layout. i research for ‘innocent smoothies’ posters as this is a brand which i have related to closely throughout the project as it is a similar brand to the one in which i am creating. This research made me look at my poster designs very differently as innocent, promote and advertise one drink/ flavor at a time by showcasing the bottle and ingredients on one poster, whereas i was trying to promote the whole brand and all its products on one single poster. I tried this technique with one of my bottles however, because i was using a digital copy of my smoothie rather than a photograph, my image looked very flat and unrealistic. however, this process lead me to creating my slogan for my brand which is ‘super food, super drink, super you’. I created this slogan as i noticed on innocents posters, their slogan was the main focus of the poster, and their brand logo was more discreet as it was only on the label of the smoothie.


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