Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays I spent the first week catching up on both my sketchbook as well as my blog. Once I completed this task I continued with my logo and name development. I started this by creating a word associations list made up of words linked to the theme of health. I did this in the hope that I would fine some new and creative words which could become the name of my brand and this was the case. The two words I liked the most were ‘Nectar’ and ‘Kick’, and I felt that both linked strongly to the theme and purpose of my brand. ‘Nectar’ suggests natural and organic matter and is to do with bees meaning that it is a natural source of energy, meaning that this would suggest a natural and organic product which I am going to be branding. Similarly, ‘Kick’ suggests quickness and strength as well as more metaphorically, motivation and drive which I think is very appropriate for a health product designed to energise the consumer with natural goodness.

I made some thumbnail designs for both using inspiration from both the theme, as well as logos I found on Pinterest. I am pleased with how these turned out and I feel that I have made a great deal of progress within my project over the last two weeks and I am glad that I have a strong starting point when I go back to college. From this stage I plan to digitalise my designs.


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