Week 6

I began this week with a big of concern as this is the beginning of the final two weeks of my final major project. I spent this following week continuing with my development and reaching the realisation stage which I am glad to say I did. After feeling very concerned and stuck, throughout the week I overcame this and Wednesday was my breakthrough point. I spent most of Monday with my tutor discussing where I was at and what needed to be done to really begin to realise my designs. Monday was extremely beneficial for me as this gave me the push I needed to have my breakthrough. This talk lead me to the point of creating some simple designs which looked more refined and professional, and from this point it was just a matter of refinement and tweaking my designs to be 100% happy with them.

I think the breakthrough point came when I began thinking of my bottle labels as a front and back rather than just the front. Until this point I was just concentrating on developing and creating a front label and I think in a way, this had restricted my designs and thought processes as this lead me to trying to squish too much information onto my front label which caused my designs to look cluttered. Another factor which lead to my breakthrough was a change in my bottle template. Until the beginning of this week, I have been using a water bottle template to base my designs onto and the shape of this bottle was difficult to work with due to the uneven edges. Once I began using not only an easier template, but a more appropriate shape to my project, it gave me an easier platform to work from.

On Thursday I finally decided (with the help once again from my tutor) which design to go with. We were both happy with the design and I was beginning to feel much more relieved. From this point, it was a case of now tweaking the design slightly in terms of colour, to represent different drink flavours. I had now created 4 super smoothies all of which are different flavours which I was pleased about, as in my project proposal I had only stated that I would create a minimum of 1 drink label.  I had also now begun creating some food packaging labels for both a ‘protein brownie’ and a ‘raspberry and cherry granola bar’ and I named these projects ‘super foods’. At this current stage I would say that I was on schedule, however I still have to create some designs for my two other forms of media, however I have the final week to do this.

Over the weekend I am going to draft up some more simplistic outline illustrations of vegetables to be used for my further food packaging which are going to be for salad boxes. I am also going to do some thumbnail sketches of some ideas for my two other forms of media. I am already thinking of doing a paper bag to be used with the food packaging as well as a poster to inform people about the product and where they can buy it such as Tesco, Asda and Waitrose. I am also going to make sure my sketchbook is completed up to date so I am ahead of schedule ready for handin.


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