Week 6 and 7 Time Plans

Week 6 (Monday 8th– Friday 12th)

    I plan to realise my designs and choose one to go with for all my proposed creations (labels and food packaging). For this I will need a computer with illustrator on it.
    I plan to print development and annotate in sketchbook, meaning I will need a printer and a sketchbook.
    I plan to put my chosen designs across 4 different flavoured smoothies.
    Continue Wednesdays task as well as beginning to create food packaging with the same designs.
    Catch up on sketchbook, and think about other media designs and ideas.

This week went as planned in terms of what I wanted to complete, however everything was delayed slightly due to the struggle to reach a final design which I liked. However, once I reached this, I managed to complete what I suggested in the same week. However I have still not documented my developments into my sketchbook so unfortunately that is going to have to be a job for the following Monday morning.

Week 7 (Monday 15th– Friday 19th)

    Print out developments and document in sketch book, as well as tweak and refine designs ready for completion. I also plan to finish my food packaging all together as well as beginning to create designs for my other media.
    I wish to spend Tuesday catching up on my blog as well as my sketchbook.
    Complete all digital designs as well as other media and print ready for hand in.
    HAND IN AT 9AM- must submit completed sketchbook and printed designs.

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