Week 3 and Easter Time Plan

Week 3 (Monday 3rd April-Friday 7th)

    Begin idea exploration by focussing on font and typography for potential loo designs for my brand name. I will need a computer, printer, fine liner and glue.
    Continue with above and respond to findings. Possibly carry out a questionnaire for brand name ideas. For this I will need the above list.
    Explore colour schemes and brand themes by creating some mood boards for potential brand directions. For this I will need a computer with internet access, photoshop and a printer.
    Continue above.
    Continue with logo name exploration as well as week 3 blog entry.

This week wasn’t quite as planned however I did still make progress. Monday was completed however this led to some ideas which weren’t quite planned. The typography I considered inspired me to look into bold mark making with the use of black and white paint and a large brush creating brush stroke effects. Although this wasn’t planned, It gave me huge inspiration for what my brand identity could potentially look like. I was not able to complete either a questionnaire or my mood boards however on reflection, I feel that those plans were a bit premature and they are something which I think I will consider at a later date. However I did manage to begin logo and name exploration.

Easter Holidays

  • WEEK 1
    I wish to spend the first week of the holidays catching up on my sketchbook and ensuring that there are no gaps.
  • WEEK 2
    I want to spend the second week of the holidays looking at logo and brand names and drafting up some thumbnail designs.

I managed to complete all of the above meaning that I could come back to college after the holidays feeling up to date.



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