Week 1 and 2 Research Time Plan

Week 1 (Monday 20th March-Friday 25th)

    I will spend all day Monday walking around Newcastle gathering both primary and secondary research from shops and book stores. I will be using my phone camera to take photographs as well as a printer and a computer and money to print out my images. I will also be using the money to buy some packaging such as a smoothie or a snack.
    I will start collating my findings into my sketchbook. For this I will need a new sketchbook, glue and a fine liner.
    I will now annotate and begin responding visually to my research. I will need some pencils, a fine liner and my sketchbook.
    Continue with annotation and responding.

I plan to finish my annotation on my findings to date as well as collect further research as I plan to visit ‘The Corner’ in Jesmond. I will also complete week 1 blog entry. For this I will need some money, camera and a computer.

During this week I managed to complete all that I planned. I even did a little more as over the weekend I also visited ‘ The Naked Deli’ and took lots of photographs. ‘The Corner’ was also a little disappointing as none of the products sold had their own branded packaging, however I still carried out some research and took inspiration from the logo design.


Week 2 (Monday 2th March-Friday 31st)

    I plan to document the weekends research into my sketchbook including annotation. For this I will need to print my work and I will need some glue and some pens.
    I will spend Tuesday finishing Mondays work.
    I wish to spend Wednesday looking at juice bar brands and potentially going out into Newcastle. I will need some money and my camera again for this task.
    I will spend all morning preparing my sketchbook for the critique which is at 1pm.
    I plan to spend the weekend carrying out secondary research utilising Pinterest and thedieline.com. i will also do my week 2 blog entry. I will need a computer with internet access and a printer.

I also managed to complete these tasks this week and I am also finding keeping a time plan useful as it is really proving to keep me on track. It is also making me relax a little as I feel very in control with what is happening. I was fully ready and prepared for the critique which I planned and it was very useful for me to gather other people’s opinions and feedback.


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