Realisation Problem

Week 5 problem solving- struggling to transfer from the development stage to realisation.

I am at a stage with my project where I am feeling stuck and I can’t really see a way of moving forward. I have felt like this for some time now however week 5 has definitely been the lowest point. I feel that although I am making literal progress with the amount of work I am creating, I feel that I am making little to no progress with the actual graphics within my designs. I am not happy with the work I am producing and I can’t seem to overcome this. I have tried taking some time out to reflect and look back on my sketchbook to create a freshness of mind, however this did not work as well as I had hoped. I have also spoke continuously with my tutor for support and guidance however I am still feeling stuck. The more time is running out, the more concerned I am becoming and I am certain that this can’t be helping.

Fortunately, it was the beginning of week 6 where I began to overcome this problem. The resolution came when I sat back and stripped back my work, picked out the potential problems and changed them. for example, the bottle shape for my template was a water bottle with uneven edged which weren’t working well visually with my designs, so I changed it to a more regular shape bottle. I also simplified the amount of content on the front label and introduced a back label to hold this further content. This helped so much and definitely got me to the point of realisation. However, I couldn’t have made this resolution without the help of my tutor.


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