Week 5

This week I began drafting up some initial drink label designs. I began creating these on photoshop however this software was restricting me so I quickly moved onto illustrator. On illustrator I reconstructed my logo designs and then continued with my ideas. The first design which I drafted on photoshop was mainly inspired by the ‘Naked Deli’ in terms of their layout on their bottles. However I quickly discovered that this design was not working at all. So from this, I decided I was going to spend this following week entirely on the computer creating a range of designs using the mark making ideas I was inspired by as well as referencing back throughout my sketchbook looking for inspiration.

This was working well and I was creating a range of designs inspired by innocent smoothies as well as the taco cookbook. However, at this stage I was not yet settled on a logo or name for my brand so I was playing around with designs for both. I started with ‘Kick Start’ and at first I was really liking my initial designs, however once I spoke to my tutor, I realised that although my designs were working, they were too small and would be lost on an actual juice bottle and wouldn’t stand out on a shelf. I then tried to scale up some of my designs, to make them stand out more and unfortunately this resulted in some very bulky and harsh designs.

I then started designing some designs for the name ‘Nectar’ hoping that this would give me a fresh state of mind which I thankfully did. My designs were very simple but they were beginning to look neater and more refined but were still a far way from finished. At this point I was shocked because I assumed that I would result in the name ‘Kick Start’ however at the current stage I am at I am currently thinking that I may result in the name ‘Nectar’. With the nectar designs, I was beginning on looking at the label as a wrap around as opposed to a static front label. Although i was happier with my designs, i felt that they were still a little bland and simple and this was the point at which i reconsidered my logo. As it was currently just a stand alone font in the style of Roboto thin, with some guidance from my tutor, i made it more stylized by simple font manipulation. i am much happier with my logo now and i think that it will work much better with my packaging compared to my previous one.

Currently at this point in the project I feel that I am beginning to struggle and see a resolution with my designs. I feel that they aren’t really working and I am concerned that I don’t yet have a brand identity. I am going to spend the weekend reflecting on my project and I am prepared to go into it net week with a fresh mind ready for my breakthrough.


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