Week 4

After coming back to college after the Easter holidays I began to crack on with the development of my logo.  I started by digitalising my logo ideas and because most of my ideas were typographic manipulation, creating them digitally was essential. Just at this current stage I was leaning towards the name ‘Kick’ or ‘Kick Start’, as these were the designs I liked the most as well as the fact that this name felt more relevant to the type of product I am branding.

I then carried out 2 mood boards for the potential style direction of my brand. Mood board 1 is a simplistic, neutral mood board featuring lots of imagery and colours associated with nature such as wood and leaves as well as honeycomb which is extremely relevant for the name ‘Nectar’. This mood board would be used to create a modern simplistic brand style featuring a pastel colour scheme and geometric shapes. The second mood board is a more bold and abstract one featuring harsh and bold marks created using a brush as well as a mainly black and white colour scheme with the hint of bold colour such as pink and yellow. This mood board was inspired by a pervious part of primary research which i found from a book called ‘Taco cookbook’ which included this style which I loved. I loved this mood board however I am concerned that this style might not be appropriate or relevant of a heath product range.

I then combined my initial logo designs for both ‘Kick’ and ‘Nectar’ with each mood board and my outcomes were very varied. I quickly found that the pastel and neutral colours didn’t work well as part of a logo as they were too light and often clashed with each other. The logos influenced by the bold mark making mood board turned out the best as they were simple yet visually effective and stood out. I loved the use of the brush strokes joined with a simple font style and this defiantly confirmed that I would want to base my brand identity on my more bold abstract mood board.

Currently, I feel that I am on track with my project however I am aware that time is rapidly running out so I am conscience that over the next final couple of weeks I will have to work at a quicker pace.  At this current stage, I am ready to begin trying out some of my logos on some bottle templates. I am also happy with my progress within the project however I am currently feeling a little bit in limbo as I have not yet fully decided on my brand logo or design yet and I feel once this is completed I will feel more at ease. I feel that my key strengths within my project at the moment is logo development as I feel that I have sufficiently done this across 4 different avenues in terms of name, design and style. The negatives to date is my uncertainty with the progression in terms of deciding on a name and logo design. As I have spent all week on logo development, I feel that I have possible too many options to choose from which may be adding to my confusion. My research has definitely informed my work through style due to the mark making influences within the cookbook I researched earlier on in my sketchbook, and the simplistic approach which I have found from various points within my sketchbook such as the ‘Plenty’ cook book as well as brand and logo research.

The group critiques as well as tutor feedback has been very helpful throughout this project. The group critiques have enabled me to see where everyone else in my group is at with their project and how far they have come, which has given me a good indication to where I should be with my own project at current date. Speaking regularly with my tutors has helped me get a second opinion which has really helped me to develop my work as well as ensuring I am keeping on track and not falling being with time. This has also helped me overcome problems in areas in which I have been stuck.

My next steps for my project are to transfer some of my logo and style designs onto some mock up bottle packaging labels to start the initial ideas and development. I am going to transfer this straight onto the computer as I feel that this was will show my ideas in the best most effective way.


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