Week 3

At the beginning of week 3 I was finishing off documenting my secondary brand and packaging research from Pinterest and the dieline.com into my sketch book. I then decided to carry out some further secondary research using Pinterest, looking closely at font and typography. I looked at some more simple and neater fonts as well as some bolder and more abstract fonts which involved lots of line work as well as harsh brush strokes. This lead me down the more abstract route as I then did a mark making workshop. In this I created some of my own abstract marks and patterns using black paint and a roller. I really loved the results due to the detail to roller made when the paint was wearing thin.

unnamed (13)unnamed-16.jpg

This interest in abstract mark making began earlier on in my research stages where I looked at a book called ‘The Taco Cook Book’ which included a predominately black, white and yellow colour scheme. I loved the way they used creative yet simple brush stroke marks and patterns to create a background to sometimes the text or even the photographs. However, at the time I struggled to see any relevance to my project as I associated healthy clean food with clean and simple design rather than bold and abstract design. However, I am beginning to think otherwise to this initial point as I feel now that a bold abstract brand image will make my products stand out more and the bold marks could even be paired with simplistic font to keep the element of sophistication and cleanliness.

I then began to think of word associations with the theme of health to begin the process of coming up with a name for my brand. From this I narrowed it down to my two favourites which are ‘nectar’ and ‘kick’. I briefly drafted up 6 logo thumbnails for each name. With the name ‘nectar’ I tried to include the theme of geometry using hexagons as I associated this with bee hives. This was, the brand logo would be both relevant to the name, as well as remaining simple and stylish and current due to the use of shapes. However, the logo ideas for ‘kick’ were more simple as I was focussing on the use of typography with design and using a typographic only logo using inspiration I found from pinterest.

At this current stage I am looking forward to how my project will progress however I am aware that there is a lot more work to be done. Something I need to be aware of is my time management over these next couple of weeks to ensure I get the best out of my ideas as possible.


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