Week 2

Throughout the second week of my FMP project, I continued with my research in order to gather as much information as possible to help with my project and final designs. At the beginning of the week we were paired with members of the class to carry out an assessment on each other to grade our work so far. This was very helpful for me as although I had already competed a fair amount of research, I learnt that I had not yet completed enough to get into the distinction grade boundary which I am aiming for.

After discussing my review with my course tutor, I realised that I needed that gather more information on packaging and more stylised packaging. For this I went to Fenwicks food hall as opposed to supermarkets where they sell more generalised products and therefore packaging. I found a lot of high end products with interesting and stylish packaging designs which has really helped me begin to visualise how my packaging may turn out. Doing this process, I have realised that I do want to create a high end product with a higher price bracket and therefore the packaging design needs to reflect this which is why the products in the Fenwicks food hall have been so helpful.

Throughout the rest of the week I have continued to document these photographs of the packaging from Fenwicks into my sketch book along with supporting annotation. I have also briefly began to respond to the photographs with my own potential ideas using certain aspects of existing products. For example, the LEMON juice products packaging features the brand name which surrounds the whole of the bottle, meaning that it is recognisable from all angles which I think is very clever and effective.

Towards the end of the week I have begun looking at brand collections on Pinterest (secondary research). This is helpful as it helped me see how a brand works as a whole, in terms of all its brand identity and packaging together. It also helped me see how to visually lay out a brand collection which will help me when printing for the final show. I have also briefly looked on the dieline.com which I have found some really simplistic and modern design packaging which has really inspired me.


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