Tutorial Session

When I was still exploring my 3 possible ideas, I had a one to one tutorial with my course tutor Stacey. We discussed the whole of specialism as well as my 3 possible ideas as Stacey helped me decide on which idea to do for my FMP.

My grade from specialism was a merit (with distinctive qualities). I am very happy with this grad because it shows how far I have come and improved from leaving school, as well as areas where I can improve and build on. The comments say that I have particularly developed on my detail, layout and composition throughout specialism and have developed a range of methods and therefore my final outcomes. My area of development it to ensure that I document my thought processes and all of my development work in my sketchbook. This is because during the branding project, I suddenly changed the whole look of my stationary designs, as well as my logo and colour scheme, and I have not documented why I changed this, or what inspired me. From this, I am focussing on asking my self ‘why?’, when carrying out further annotation and I am ensuring I do this throughout my FMP.

When discussing my 3 potential ideas, Stacey said that the one she loved the most was the health juice and food product brand identity. I explained that the reason I chose to explore this is because I have always been interested in packaging design and have not done much work on it in the past. She said that this was a strong reason to choose this idea, as well as it being an branding project, as I am very interested in graphic design.

Overall I am very pleased how this tutorial session went and I am looking forward to developing further throughout my final major project.


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