Week 1

In the first week of this project, I have mainly focussed on the research. I have collected a combination of primary and secondary research on both packaging as well as style inspiration. I have taken photographs of the health juice and smoothie sections in supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and boots which have helped me gather a greater understanding of the how packaging should look and what it needs to include. However, I have now realise that I need to do more researched based on just the packaging to get a broader and more stylised range of packaging as opposed to the ordinary designs I have already collected.

I have briefly began to respond to some of the research which I have collected, especially style inspiration. As I am doing a health product range, lots of my imagery will involve fruit and vegetables however I was to visually show these in a different way, hence the excessive style research. Although at this stage I don’t know much on how I want my product to turn out, I am beginning to gather understanding of the theme of my brand which is a more modern and current image. From looking at existing brands I am starting to figure out what I like and dislike and what I think works well and doesn’t. I am also understanding how important the brand name is as this influences the overall design massively. For example, I love the innocent smoothie packaging, because I think it is simple and effective. It is also highly translatable as a brand due to the badge style logo which is highly recognisable. I also think this brand is highly attractive to a range of target markets such as adults due to the health kick aspect as well as younger children due to the fun packaging design. However, I also really like the more current edgy packaging and brand identities such as the naked deli (yet to fully explore). Although looking at this diverse range is really helping me learn more about packaging in general.

For the food aspect of this brief, I have gathered material on a range of different food packaging such a health snack bites, dried fruit, nut and seed packets and protein solutions. Again, all of these packaging designs are so different and diverse however I am more attracted and interested in the more simple elegant designs which have a more modern and current feel to them. Some of the designs are too busy and it makes the writing and font hard to read such as the ‘Emily’ dried fruit packets I looked at.

After this week I have understood that there is still a great deal of research which I need to carry out. I am going to continue this by utilising Pinterest as well as the internet and doing more site visits to local health bars such as the naked deli as well as places such as john Lewis and Fenwick’s to search for some more stylised packaging designs.


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