Initial Review

After completing the foundation units i feel that i have learnt and developed a great deal over the past couple of months, from developing excisiting skills, to learning totally new skills which i didnt even know i could do.

When i began specialism, i already had photoshop skills as i had already used it for the past 4 years at school during my a levels and gcse years, however i was still able to develop these skills a great deal throughout specialism as i began to use photoshop in a different and more effective way. I also learnt how to use other digital software’s such as indesign and adobe illustrator which i had never used before. This not only broadened my knowledge, but it also enabled me to advance my designs and complete them to a more professional standard. Although i learnt how to use both indesign and illustrator, i do think that these are defiantly areas which need further development.

During specialisation, i feel that i have mostly developed my drawing skills and most importantly my confidence with drawing. Before specialism, i never used to do much drawing and i certainly never included my own illustrations in my final designs, however during specialism i have learnt to push myself and it has really helped with my confidence as well as improving my final designs. For example, i used my hand drawn illustrations of flowers for my one of my final pieces and i feel that my final design was strong and i think it is the project i enjoyed the most. I am glad i pushed myself to do something different as it has encouraged me to draw more and at this point, i am even considering doing a branding project for my FMP which would include a serious of illustrations.

With the help of photoshop and illustrator, i feel i have developed my typographic skills a huge deal which is very helpful as typography is something i am very interested in. I specifically noticed this area being developed during the ‘non-word’ brief where i used typography only to communicate the meaning of the word ‘Nonversation’. I feel that i mainly advanced my typography skills by using images from pinterest and designers to inspire my work. through this process, i have found lots of images which i have loved which has fueled my designs and pushed them further.

Finally, i think i have also developed my ability to generate ideas throughout specialism. I have found the thumbnail process enjoyable as it has taught me to generate lots of maybe simple but effective ideas which are different. During school, i used to really struggle with this process as i used to often get an idea into my head and i used to be dead set with it from the start. Throughout specialism, i have pushed my idea thought process and now i love this process as i feel i am more open minded.


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